Juniors - Getting a handicap

First you need to join a golf club.

To obtain your first handicap you must play 3 rounds with a golfer who already has a handicap. They will mark your cards. These cards should be given to the club handicap secretary who will calculate your official Congu handicap. This will be a maximum of 36. After that, every time you play in a qualifying competition, at your home club or another club, you must always hand your card in to the handicap secretary. If you are not ready for a Congu handicap, (maximum 36), you can ask your club Junior Organiser to arrange a club handicap which goes up to a maximum of 54.

A handicap indicates the standard you have achieved in golf and enables you to compete against other players on an equal basis, regardless of ability. The recognised handicapping system in the UK and Ireland is known as CONGU

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